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Our contributors consist of a real cross section of the Tiger community. We have individuals who are experts in Tiger Restoration, Performance Tuning, Troubleshooting and History already on board. They are working as we speak putting together great content of this site. Even though we have these great people working for the Tiger cause we still need your help. Send us a tech tips, photos, restoration tips or even stories. Anything that you think would benefit the Tiger community.

James Barrett

A Safe Fuel Tank
James Barrett, of 351 C fame, addresses safety for high performance and racing Tigers in his well illustrated article "A Safe Fuel Tank " a detailed pictorial review of his extensively researched and Barrett custom designed Tiger fuel tank to meet both safety and racing requirements

Cullen Bennett

Preparing your Tiger for the Arizona Desert
Cullen Bennett contributes yet another gem. This one covers the use of aluminum radiators in a Tiger, as well as the successful installation of Air Conditioning, all of which work flawlessly in the heat of the Arizona Desert.

Solid State Instrument Regulator
A very interesting contribution by Cullen Bennett that describes a modern, solid state, instrument replacement voltage regulator. This unit can be used in the place of the electromechanical device of the stock car, and in pairs to exactly, and separately control the accuracy of the gas gauge and the temperature readings.

Stu Brennan

"Hard Top Advice (TE/AE)"
This comprehensive article on the Hard Top, including that stainless trim installation, was presented to TE/AE by Stu Brennan. They have both been so kind as to contribute this valuable information to you.

Temperature and Fuel Gauges for Dummies!
Stu Brennan does his very best to explain "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Temperature and Fuel Gauges, But were Afraid to Ask."

Windshield Washer System Upgrade
Stu Brennan has found a way to keep your dash and under hood looking stock, yet still have a functional windshield washer. His approach, using readily available electric pump and switch, will certainly make your driving chores easier. Who knows? It may even save your thumb from putting you on the disabled list.

Todd Brown

"How to Install a Radio in Your Sunbeam"
Tod Brown has documented his installation of a modern radio and 4 speaker system into his MkIA Tiger. This article covers the selection of the radio and enclosure mounting, the speaker type and installation, Your editor has added an additional hidden speaker method for an alternate. While not a heavy weight techie piece, it certainly is practical, and full of good pictures.

John Crawley

The Restoration of Prrrowl
A superbly detailed article by our good contributor John Crawley. The efforts he has made in restoration of B382000221, and the innovative solutions he has found, are detailed in his significant contribution. Read it!

Ed Esslinger

Lucas, Prince of the Intermittent Windshield Wiper
Ed Esslinger has developed a variable intermittent windshield wiper that, unlike the original, is intended to be adjustable and intermittent. Aside from the normal advantages of this small "hide-away" package, it also provides insurance against turning the engine on with the wipers on. When you start up again, all kinds of disagreeable things can happen.

Curtis Fisher

Tiger 5.0 Conversion
Curtis Fisher has detailed the installation of a high performance Motorsport Crate 302 into his Tiger in "Tiger 5.0 Conversion" . This article is detailed and full of wonderfully explicit pictures. A must read for anyone contemplating a 302/5.0/Crate installation

TREMEC 5 Speed Installation
Curtis Fisher has installed a 5 spd. transmission into his Tiger that is different than any previously reported, the TREMEC TR3550. This strong transmission is mated to his "Tiger 5.0 Conversion" 302 crate motor, in his previoius article. The detailed modifications required are described and photographed in his excellant new article "TREMEC 5 Speed Installation". Something to consider, if you are contemplating a change, as it is a strong box

Tom Hall

"Urethane Bushings And All Steel Ball Joints Finally Available" This STOA contributed article, by Tom Hall, was previously published in their monthly periodical " Tiger Tracks". Tiger front end problems have plagued the car from it's initial design. Tom takes an excellent approach to upgrading this design as it should have been done, and uses newly available parts from Sunbeam Specialties. A must read article, also available on the STOA's own web site.

"Upgrading the Tachometer For Use With Electronic Ignitions"
This STOA contributed article, by Tom Hall, was previosly published in their monthly periodical "Tiger Tracks". Many Tiger owners have reported tachometer problems when using high energy ignition systems. Tom is a recognized authority of Tiger technical matters, and provides an interesting solution to these problems.

Bob Hokanson

Excel Transmission Calculator
Bob Hokanson has prepared a MS Excel Spread sheet for evaluating road speed, r.p.m., and gear options in 4 speed Tiger and 5 speed T-5 transmissions in "Excel Transmission Calculator" . Play with your plans on paper before making the investment. A FREE Excel Spreadsheet Reader download link is on the page, as well. You don't have to buy the program to use this gem

Kirt Jenssen

Complete Tiger Fastener List
Kirt Jenssen has put together an amazing list of EVERY fastener used on your Tiger, ordered by location, and neatly delivered in tables. Even a Excel Spreadsheet is downloadable from this article. Not being satisfied with just an amazing amount of effort, Kirt has even located 2 vendors willing to sell complete 18-8 stainless steel fastener kits at very reasonable prices. These exclude Grade 8 bolts and studs, of course, as stainless is not made at those strength requirements.

Dave Johnson

Installing a New Carpet
Dave Johnson and Frank Marrone write an illustrated article detailing the installation of new carpet into their Tigers. If you have never done this job, it may seem to be easy. Read this, and it just might make it so. Thank you, Dave & Frank.

Steve Laifman

Cool It, Buddy!
Steve Laifman has finally written his own article, instead of beating on others. The subject of cooling a Tiger is detailed with part and source information, design drawings, and many photos of the finished installation. "Cool It Buddy!" Is a "must read", even if your Tiger is stock, as mine is (mostly, or at least Factory Option). While all may not agree with the methods, those that have used them are ecstatic with the results, and have posted so on the Tiger List.

Interpreting "The Book"
Your Editor, Steve Laifman, has liberally "adapted" work from another source (accredited) to help those involved with restoring or repairing the Sunbeam Tiger with the use of the "Good Book", the Rootes Factory Workshop Manual. Learn what the arcane meanings behind these profound and comprehensive Rootes instructions really mean.

3 Point Seat Belts
A collaborative article by Larry Paulick and Steve Laifman on the use of two different types of "3 Point" seat belts in Tigers and Alpines. These approaches use differing designs and features, and are fully illustrated to aid the Owner in making a selection. Other options, such as 4, or 5 point racing belts are not covered, but any contribution would be welcome

Raiders of the Lost Filter
Your Editor, Steve Laifman, in his "Raiders of the Lost Filter" takes a dangerous journey into the mysterious Temples of Forbidden Lands to find the source of the original Rootes factory issue fuel filter. He fearlessly braves dangers and thinly veiled threats that have caused many previous adventurers to have mysteriously disappeared at the hands of Secret Societies. He pursues the TRUTH, shrouded in time and space, behind the legend of the lost original Tiger fuel filter, it's origins and mysterious identity. Warning! This journey into darkness is restricted to the

A Wire Wheel Tiger?
Your Editor, Steve Laifman, in his "A Wire Wheel Tiger" takes a fancifal mind trip into the land of "Might Have Been" imagining what the original Rootes factory wire wheel offering might have looked like. While some may view this as a heresy, others might be drooling for the opportunity missed. "For Sale, Shelby Sunbeam Tiger Mk IIA with stainless spoked 16 inch wire wheels provided from the factory only with this model."

Shaun Laughy

"Sound Advice"
Shaun Laughy has "kicked it up a notch". Having a radio in a Tiger is a leap that many fear to tread, but having a thoroughly modern, high powered audio system inserted "Where no one has gone before" is indeed a worthy challenge. Shaun has faced that challenge and soundly triumphed over many daunting obstacles, ending up with a great stock appearance, but fantastic sound. Worth a look.

Jim Leach

Pacific Tiger Club Technical Hints (PTC)
This article by Jim Leach, of the Pacific Tiger Club (PTC), is a compilation of Technical Hints published in the PTC Newsletter. Important insight into vacuum ignition distributors, front disc brake rotor cracks, and some good advice on adding electrical accessories to the Lucas Electrical Wiring system.

John Logan

The Final Fulcrum Pin Fix!"
John Logan is stepping forward with his revised Tiger Fulcrum Pin design. Originally published in TE/AE's "Rootes Review" "The Final Fulcrum Pin Fix!" is a very timely article on John's design approach. While there are many different designs, other than the original, which may solve this issue, here is one that has been completed and is working well. We look forward to other documented viewpoints for future technical Performance Tuning Tips

Frank Marrone

Installing a New Carpet
Dave Johnson and Frank Marrone write an illustrated article detailing the installation of new carpet into their Tigers. If you have never done this job, it may seem to be easy. Read this, and it just might make it so. Thank you, Dave & Frank.

Ken Mattice

Project EFI Stroker
Ken Mattice is, literally, going to "blow you away", with his beautifully illustrated article "Project EFI Stroker " a fantastic look at what is possible when you will settle for nothing less than 458 H.P. @ 6,000 r.p.m., and 428 lb-ft torque @ 4,800 r.p.m

Wally Menke

A Tiger Rotisserie Design
Wally Menke, our correspondent in OZ, has prepared an excellent article on his "Tiger Rotisserie Design, complete with drawings dimensioned in English and Metric units. We think this will be of help for those wanting to rotate a body shell for restoration. Thanks, Wally.

Dr. Bob Palmer

Torque: Useful Concept or Automotive Red Herring?
Dr. Bob Palmer has prepared THE definitive article on that subject that gets mangled on the Tiger List consistently. This straightforward explanation of the relationships between horsepower, r.p.m., torque, and how it relates to transmission gearing, acceleration, and other performance issues is concisely described. This is your Number 1 guide to the mysteries of these issues.

Joe Parlanti

Tiger Fuel Gauge Restoration or "Put on a happy face!"
Joe Parlanti provides detailed pictorial guide for the refurbishment of the fuel sender. The technique can apply, with variations, to the other gauges as well.

Tiger Dash Restoration
Joe Parlanti has added more to his dashboard (fascia) restoration project documentation. This time it is an excellent article on how to refinish the wood surface and lettering of the Tiger wood dashboard. If your dash is faded, scratched, cracked, or otherwise in need of a "fresh face", here are the recommendations for which you have been looking.

Tiger Seat Restoration
Joe Parlanti provides a detailed guide for the refurbishment of the seats. As usual, there are excellent photographs and many hints for the newbie upholsterer.

Larry Paulick

Performance Tuning Front End Alignment
For our first article, Larry Paulick has prepared "Performance Tuning Front End Alignment" bringing us his hands-on knowledge of an arcane subject. Who wouldn't want to improve their handling? Read this and learn how

High Performance Tiger Exhaust System
For his second article, Larry Paulick has prepared "High Performance Tiger Exhaust System" a detailed pictorial review of his " ;blow-you-away" exhaust system. The pictures are as breath-taking as the sound is powerful, but mellow

"Securing Your Shaft", or "Protecting the Jewels"
For this article, Larry Paulick has prepared ""Securing Your Shaft", or "Protecting the Jewels" (8-) a great safety addition to go along with your increased performance.

"Flashing" in Your Tiger!
Larry Paulick has another great idea, "Flashing" in Your Tiger! Another great safety idea, so you can survive to perform another day

"The Tiger Ackerman Angle"
Larry Paulick has contributed yet another great article, "The Tiger Ackerman Angle". Now you can see the great pictures, and read about Larry's experience installing a different steering rack and arms in his Tiger to reduce the Ackerman angle error, and make the steering more responsive

"A Tiger Air Dam"
Larry Paulick has submitted his latest article, "A Tiger Air Dam". Detailed instructions and pictures of a front air dam, designed to prevent engine compartment hot air from recirculating through the radiator by flowing forward

"4 Point Schroth Seat Belts"
Larry Paulick, after writing a "Restoration Tips" article on "3 Point Seat Belts", had a few idle minutes - so he added ANOTHER BELT. Now there are FOUR , and you don't need the fifth. "4 Point Schroth Seat Belts" for those who want nothing but the very best, are fully described and illustrated.

Speedo Rebuild or "You were going HOW fast?
Larry Paulick has a profusely illustrated article on rebuilding your delicate Tiger Smiths Speedometer. If you really do NOT want to know your gasoline mileage, how far it was on that last trip, or how fast you really are going, you would still want to see these amazingly detailed photographs.

3 Point Seat Belts
A collaborative article by Larry Paulick and Steve Laifman on the use of two different types of "3 Point" seat belts in Tigers and Alpines. These approaches use differing designs and features, and are fully illustrated to aid the Owner in making a selection. Other options, such as 4, or 5 point racing belts are not covered, but any contribution would be welcome.

Restoring My 1965 MKI Tiger - A Guide to a Project
Larry Paulick has had a lot of experience in Tiger restoration, which he is continuing to share with us frequently. In this short article, he tells us THE most important detail of this project, how to plan and execute it. Save yourself a lot of pain and suffering. Read the map from someone who has already BTDT.

Hiding the Heater Valve
Larry Paulick is not only inventive and prolific, but this fall article is also timely. Although Larry has entitled this piece "Hiding" the Heater Valve, it is more appropriately a neat solution to modernizing your water flow control valve with one you can actually buy. This work shows Larry's typical care in design and clean looking installations. Don't freeze your feet, read the article.

Rebuilding the Sunbeam Jack
Larry Paulick has described the process of restoring your Tiger/Alpine car jack to it's original functional condition. A good project for the novice as well as an Winter project when the garage is cold.

Cruisin' in Your Tiger
Larry Paulick presents his very clean installation of an automatic cruise control for your Tiger, or Alpine, in his latest article "Auto-Cruisin' in the Tiger". The installation uses readily available after-market kits and parts, yet looks factory installed. Neat for those long drives.

Full Fan Shroud
Larry Paulick has NOT uncovered any mysteries in Turin, Italy, however this shroud is worthy of your consideration for hot days.

Ignition Timing Marks for the Tiger
Larry Paulick has detailed the installation of a timing tape for your crank. Only way to get accurate ignition timing.

A Reverse Cold Air Hood Scoop
Larry Paulick explains his design for this non-LAT hood scoop that can provide better performance.

Mark Rense

The Handy Home Restorer's Guide to Workshop Tools
Mark Rense has accumulated a lot of practical definitions on shop tools for the Tiger home restorer new to this activity. Practical advice that should be reviewed before the project is started.. Fair warning: Do not read this article with a mouth full of food.

Tony Rhoades

Repairing Jaeger and Smiths Speedometers
Tony Rhoades has agreed to the publication of his exhaustive treatment of the Smith/Jaeger's mysterious innards in his profound coverage of this arcane subject, covering the changes in design over the years as well. For the curious and the serious, this is a great article. A PDF version is also available for download. If you have changed your tires, rear end, internal mainshaft speedometer drive, end cable gear, or your speedometer/odometer is just not correct, this is a "must read".

Tim Ronak

Clearance for Valve Covers
Tim Ronak has written an article for our site, "Clearance for Valve Covers" , which details the firewall modification work necessary for a clean job of adding that needed clearance between the valve covers and the firewall when non-original valve covers or the thicker aluminum heads are installed on a Tiger. The clearance issue is neatly solved in a professional manner

A 350 Lunati for a Tiger!
Tim Ronak has done it again! Now he makes it clear why he put so much work into his firewall!, "A 350 Lunati for a Tiger!" , is "chock full" of details and great pictures of his Stroker 302 build. Be warned to keep a towel handy so you won't drool on your keyboard!

Installing the Camshaft & Heads!
Tim Ronak continues his series that started with "Clearance for Valve Covers", "A 350 Lunati for a Tiger", and now chapter 3 in his saga, "Installing the Camshaft & Heads!" , which details the completion of the engine! The REST is yet to come. Since these articles are really chapters in a saga, they have been joined together at the end of each section, and the beginning of the next for seamless reading

Muffler Heat Shield (PDF)
Tim Ronak contributes another well-illustrated article showing how to keep your fuel pump from getting fried by the muffler. Note that this is a PDF article and you can download it directly to your computer by right-clicking (PC) or CTRL-clicking (Mac) on the link and selecting 'save link as' on the dialog box.

Dan Walters

Keeping Your Cool in a Tiger
Dan Walters, President of CAT and renowned Tiger/Alpine mechanic and racer, has prepared a comprehensive article on "Keeping Your Cool in a Tiger<". A not insubstantial concern for many. His article will shed new views on this oft discussed issue

Installing a T-5 in a Tiger
Dan Walters has authoritatively tackled one of the most talked about Tiger Modifications "Installing a T-5 in a Tiger" (No Cutting Required*). This article documents the history of the T-5 gear ratio changes, the pros and cons of this change, a comparison of all the "different" T-5's, the trail of gear ratios and torque handling capacity design changes, and a possible source for a "No Cutting Required" Tiger conversion. Hot News

The Ultimate Tiger (Alpine) Hub Puller
Dan Walters has designed the ultimate in tools for pulling the Tiger and Alpine hubs and axles, without resorting to axle shaft damaging techniques, or sledge hammers. This is a beautifully engineered piece that can also be used to measure limited slip differential break-away torque.

Stephen Waybright

Selecting a Professional Restoration Shop - Lessons Learned
Stephen Waybright has had a lot of experience with professional automobile restorers. Some of it was good, some was not. Stephan shares with us his advice and recommendations concerning what to look for when choosing a pro shop. Read his valuable advice in making a good decision.

Derek White

"Get Rag that Tiger!"
Derek White has contributed his transmission project, "Get Rag that Tiger!". The Getrag 5 spd OD transmission is well designed, relatively robust, and readily obtainable in Europe, as well as from BMW dismantlers in the US. It has been on on-going project of Derek's and here is a "down payment" on a complete article

Tom Witt

Tiger 101
Tom Witt's course "Tiger 101" from his College of Hard Knocks, offers a 3 unit credit Upper Division course in "Begginning Tiger Restoration", and how not to let it overwhelm you. Well, at least how to enjoy it, even if it does. (9->


"The Ackerman Angle Discussion"
This "article" is a round-robin Tiger-List discussion of the Ackerman Angle from your most consistent authorities and "wrenches" on the Tiger Mail List. It is by no means completed, but is preserved for your reading. A full article on an MG Midget rack and MGB arm, using Dale Akuszewski's kit has now been released, as written by Larry Paulick in "The Tiger Ackerman Angle", listed below


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