A Note of Appreciation

We would like to acknowledge the voluntary contributions of so many of our Tiger friends in helping put this unique Web Site together. To my knowledge, this is the only site devoted to the individual car clubs, not just the Marque. This concept was brought to life by many comments on the Tiger List for a National, or International Club, which would be difficult for our small community to mount. However an International Web Site of Tiger Clubs is possible, and with all your support, will be a success.

Special thanks are in order for Malcolm McDonald. Malcolm is on the list, and heard the discussion. He came forward with the very key elements needed to make this dream a reality. As a professional web site designer, his contributions to the formatting and design of the site are substantial, and in my opinion, remarkable for it's simplicity of form. He has also found us a web server willing to give us a home. For this, and many other kindness, he is commended and has our gratitude and thanks. Thank you Malcolm.

Another singular event is worth generous gratitude. While a web site design is a lovely thing to behold, it is merely a shell to hold the most important deliverable, content.

For the marvelous hard work of volunteers, we have been able to add content in a remarkably short time. These hard working volunteers have taken a large list of Tiger List e-mail's that I have been saving over the years for my personal use, and converted them to readable format. Malcolm's planned search engine will be even more helpful. While you may notice that all of the content is yet to be completed, we must bear in mind the large task, and the limited time of volunteers.We are hopeful that new readers would be interested in joining with them in adding valuable content to our site.

Last, but by no means least, to be mentioned are the fine Tiger organizations, who have generously contributed to our fledgling growth with their Club Information, Activities Schedule, Editorials, and contributed Articles from their archives to share with the rest of the community. To them we owe the gratitude for the opportunity to serve the community, and to help boost the visibility of their own organization's goals, ideals, and dreams of the future.

Thank you, one and all.

While each of our editors has taken on many tasks, we have over 760 Tiger List recommendations, already seggregated into the Workshop Manual divisions. We need some more volunteers to take a text listing of some subject and combine the duplicates recommendations from multiple sources and give combined credit, as appropriate. The task involves some cut and paste organization of the sections in some logical order.

James (Jim) Barrett
Jim is a 'hands-on' type of guy. He not only crammed a 351C into his Tiger, he did all the work himself.Jim Barrett, a Tiger II owner since 69 has rebuilt the following : Ford S6, Ford Flathead V8, Berkley S2, Crosly S4, Austin S4, Metropolitan S 4 ,Capri V6, 215 Buick V8, Mustang 3.8 V6, 289 Tiger(3 times), 302/351W marine(twice), Boss 302, 318 Dodge, 305 Chevy, 400C, 351C 2 barrel and 351C 4 barrel (twice) motors. Put Boss 302 and 351C 4 barrel into Tiger II, Capri in Alpine, Buick in Metropolitan and Crosley in Berkley. He is fairly good with tools, builds own headers, exhaust, suspension parts, body work etc. He makes his living as a System Engineer for extremely high speed satellite communications.

Cullen Bennett
Cullen is very strong when it comes to Lucas electronics and has even managed to get air conditioning in his aluminum radiatored Tiger. We look forward to some of his articles in the editorial section.

Bo Cheadle
Bo was practically a legend around these parts. He had an absolutley amazing collection of the first and last of some of the best Ford has ever produced, or powered. His last project consisted of the re-discovery of the lost Ken MIles prototype, and it's complete restoration to original condition. He is our special contributions editor, and hasa posted some pictures of the Miles car he rstored. A superlative supporter of things Tigerish, and he raced his collectibles as well. His untimely death saddens us all.

Colin Cobb
Colin has written voluminously for the Tiger mailing list, his own site and 3 club newsletters.

Allan Connell
Allan ,who writes exceedingly well, has volunteered to look through and edit over 100 Tiger Mailing list messages on cooling system technical recommendations. The final product of his efforts will be a tremendous online tech tips resource.

John Crawley
John Crawley is married to Dee. He works as a Manager of Media Production at a large technical college in Northern Alberta, Canada He restored his TIGER as a driver and except for paint did all of the work himself.

Bill Gegg
Bill is the one to thank for the beautiful color illustrations of the Tiger MkI, IA and II wiring diagrams. A good deal easier to read than the originals. They are referenced in the Electrical Technical portions of the site, and are downloadable and printable in the free Adobe PDF Reader format. Please contact Adobe Systems for your copy on PC or Mac format.

Ian Gerrard
Ian is an active participant in the New Zealand Tiger organization, which has chapters all over his country. He will be our contact with his club, provide input to our Editorial page from his club officers, event schedules for visitors to Kiwi-Land, and articles from their local contributors and newsletters. Please note the spelling is Gerrard, not Garrard, but the coincidence is a good omen.

Jan Harde
If there is something about a Tiger's history, how it's made, and how to do it, if he doesn't know it, then it probably isn't worth knowing. He is an ardent supporter of this site, a great author, and very vocal member of the Tiger mailing list.

Jay Laifman
When dealing with Tiger's you can't forget your roots. Jay is our link to our Alpine roots.

Steve Laifman
There has been a lot of talk about starting a universal all inclusive Tiger web site. I think the enthusiasm for this kind of project has heated up and cooled of several times in the past. Well Steve is the one who finally put togther enough of the Tiger community to get this project out of the garage and on the road.

Patrick Lauber
Patick has been pushing for such a unifying force on the net, and would like to see the regional clubs get together in some manner on a national basis. Patrick has volunteered to work to make his dream a reality.

Malcolm McDonald
I'm the new guy on the block who is still cutting my teeth on a MK2. I have donated my ever dwindling spare time, programming experience and server space to this cause. I am online 10+ hours a day so feel free to email me content or comments. Thanks.

Colin Mills
Colin is our expatriate and literate Englishman living in Switzerland who will help to keep us up to date on the European Tiger community. He has volunteered to respond to any enthusiast visiting Switzerland to contact him on local interest, Tiger or other.

Chris Mottram
Chris is a CPA and computer system implementation project manager in Atlanta, Georgia. To maintain balance in his life and ward off a mid-life crisis, he is also the proud owner, driver, mechanic, financier, and restorer of a Series 5 Alpine and a MK1a Tiger. Chris caught Sunbeam fever in 1982 at a drag strip outside of New Orleans and has been afflicted ever since. The addition of a Tiger to Chris's garage in 1998 has put the disease in remission (or is that transmission?).

Dr. Robert (Bob) Palmer
If technical issues are your cup of tea, then Bob is our resident expert on things of a deeply technical nature.

Joe Parlanti
Joe has already sent the text from the Satch Carlson Autoweek Lucas article that is already on the site.

Theo Smit
Theo is an electrical engineer with 10 years' experience in the design of digital telecommunications systems. He also raced GT4 and GT3 Toyotas from 1987 to 1994, mountain bikes in 1997 and 1998, and has been a Tiger owner since 1998. His motto: "Less is more!".

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Anyone who would like to contribute to this effort should contact us at Editor E-Mail. Thank you.

Volunteers wishing to join our team are welcome. Take a look at our Contributing Editors
This site has been designed to pool the collective resources of the many great regional and national Sunbeam Tiger clubs. Membership to the these clubs is strongly recommended. Use our Clubs and Organizations Directory to find the organization nearest you and get involved.