Cool It, Buddy!

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Sept., 2001

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Laifman Kustom Horn Blocker Design

The drawn lines are from the horn opening, and the extra border area is for the double-sticky foam fastening tape. The other side is the same, just flipped. Material is aluminum sheet. The slot is 0.125 high, matches the location of the original horn bracket, but is wider as the bracket sticks through on an angle (standard).

Laifman Kustom Shroud Design

Valance air guide dimensions. Material is aluminum sheet, fabricated at local sheet metal shop in their scrap aluminum sheet from art board (Staples or Art Store) patterns that were pre-fitted to car. Warning, dry fit to car as they are not all the same. Cut to fit YOUR car.

This is the bottom plate. The wider back slot clears the petcock on the right side. The rear edge slides under the radiator, and is slid further back until the foam is in place below the valance slot lips and it is brought forward to compress it some. Match drill this plate and side pieces with small pilot drill. Install rivnuts in the horizontal 1" side plates (below), and bolt this bottom plate to the side plates with the lip under the radiator, and moved forward to compress the foam.

This is the left hand side. The right is identical, but flipped over. The wider section is pop-rivited to the inner frame horns. Dry fitting is necessary for proper location. The 1 inch piece is horizontal, and the valance plate is underneath and machine screwed to rivnuts installed along this horizontal piece. Match drill after dry fit.

Cool Motoring, man,

Steve Laifman

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