(A Group Design Effort)
June. 2003

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Entry #3: Stephen Waybright has a Grand Design FLEET of Tigers!!!!

Steven Waybright Opines:

I don't have the skills to sketch the new Tiger exactly as it exists in my minds eye, but if I'm the CEO of this new fictitious specialty car firm, I don't need to. I did do a little Photoshop work on a profile picture of the Ford 49 concept car to provide a rough idea. Here's the image and the guidelines I'd put in front of the project team from which to develop the car:

  • There must be an Alpine "base" version to drive volumes up in order to keep costs down, otherwise you'll have Panoz Esparante prices.

  • A "Sunbeam" branded sports car won't sell in todays market... thus the new cars will be Shelby Alpines and Shelby Tigers under license from Shelby American, sold through Ford dealers?

  • The Alpine version will target the Miata specs, though in a slightly higher market segment, slightly roomier seating and trunk space (target 2 golf club bags). Could use Miata suspension subassemblies.

  • Tiger version will have wire mesh grill (aka Jaguar 'R' models), Panasport rims as standard, upgraded suspension/brakes and a significant boost in engine power (though not necessarily a V8)

  • Like the original design, Alpine/Tiger styling needs to have clean lines and convey "elegant sports motoring". Must be a timeless design, not trendy. Should have a strong resemblance and scale to the originals (though longer wheelbase).

  • Front engine, rear drive, preferably a transaxle set up for improved interior room and weight balance. Only manual trannys in Tigers.

  • Alpine engine would be the 130HP Ford Zetec 4-banger and the Tiger the SVT Contour's 195 HP V-6 with an optional Supercharged version of the same with about 300 HP.

  • Tiger version will have wire mesh grill (aka Jaguar 'R' models), front fender side air vents surrounding the Tiger badge, Panasport rims as standard, upgraded suspension/brakes and a significant boost in engine power (though not necessarily a V8)

  • 2500 lb. target weight… 2750 lbs Max.

  • Develop strong aftermarket support for personalization and high performance upgrades for both Alpine and Tiger. Unlike the original design, Alpine-Tiger conversions kits would be available from the factory and encouraged (Big Margin $). VIN stampings all over the body structure will separate the original Tigers from the upgraded Alpines... none would be considered a fake if the upgrade is complete.

  • A retractable hard-top would add too much weight and cost, but if the engineers and designers can prove me wrong, great, let's have it. Perhaps as an option that can be physically removed when weight matters more than weather protection.

Alpine MSRP -> $25k+, Tiger MSRP -> $33k+

Stephen Waybright

Entry #4: Jeff Carter contributes ->

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