Owner: Stu Brennan
Tiger MK IA
B382002452 LRXFE
Location: New England, USA

FALL 1966: As B382002452 LRXFE was being assembled from whatever bits were laying around the Jensen works, I was a freshman at Northeastern University, where I met Dave, who knew Rich, who was in a class with Doug, whose father was loaning him his BRG Alpine for school transportation. Eventually we formed a sports car club, though few of us commuted in anything but rusty Detroit iron. The whole thing died out on graduation, but the seeds were planted.

SPRING 1977: I’d been out of college a few years and had been thinking about buying a sports car as a toy. It would have to be something uncommon and outrageous. I’d looked at a few others before I came across the Tiger. The plan was to buy it, restore it, sell it, find something else, etc. Yeah, right. The first photo was taken a few days after I’d trailered it home.

FALL 1978: I’d assembled enough to hit the road by the summer of ’77, and it was painted in October of that year. In ’78 I’d been messing with trim, electrics, and a leaky brake booster, and finally installed the soft top. This photo has to be from the fall of ’78 because I had enough free time to spend an afternoon driving around taking pictures. In early ’79 I met Doris and…..I’m sure you can guess the rest.

WINTER mid ‘90’s: While I didn’t have time for too many major projects, married life was not as much as a limiting factor as I’d feared. I’d had time to plan a small Tiger improvement project each year, and even had time for some fun. Doris and I (and whatever kids were available) went to several TE/AE Uniteds (occasionally with the Tiger), and participated in the first British Car Triathlon in Vermont. Here we had just returned from another ski trip….Ummmm… OK, the truth. No ski trip I’d been trying for some nice posed blizzard shots for a TE/AE Calendar contest, when I heard the plow coming……..

TODAY: Some cool wheels are the only visible change, but there’ve been a lot of internal improvements, many of which have been discussed on the email list. Fuel pump, seat belts, oil filter mount, main battery shutoff switch, etc. I still occasionally find something that the original owners screwed up, and have to set it right. That’s half the fun, though. The other half of the fun is driving it, of course. Summer evenings cruising along tree lined back roads, searching for the longest way possible to our favorite ice cream stand. That’s what it’s all about, right?

Stu Brennan

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